Friday, September 30, 2011

Think Tank Excitement

So, our library pre-AGM Think Tanks start next week (on Monday!) and I'm super excited about them. Our Chief Librarian sent the email inviting people yesterday (late, I know - I was sick Monday & Tuesday, and out of the office for most of the day on Wednesday and yesterday!), and I sent a reminder email today - and people are signing up! It's really exciting to me to get questions about it, and see the people who want to attend.

On that note, the questions I've received have been a great reminder to over-explain on a new idea. Most people get it after I explain... but there has been some confusion. Which is totally fair. A couple examples:
  • Is this going to be really gloomy? Is it going to be people getting together to complain? No! It's going to be upbeat, lively, and totally imaginative - we want a conversation that's totally blue sky, and not constrained by practical considerations... we'll get to those later. Certainly not a bitchfest! My co-chair and I will have none of that. 
  • Can co-op students participate? I don't want to take someone else's spot... YES! Students have a great perspective - they get what we're doing, coz they've worked with us, but aren't emotionally attached to the way we do things, AND they're likely talking to other students in other libraries... I WANT our co-op students there - I think their comments will be really valuable.
So yeah, I'm really excited about the next month at work - I think that these pre-AGM conversations, and the discussion of what we learned at the AGM, and going to be really interesting, and provide us with a nice infusion of enthusiasm and energy to shake things up. 

Destroy old ideas!

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