Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday! Lovely Library Links

So, yesterday was great! Loooong, but great. I didn't end up touching a camera, but was the organizer-person for my team (we were 2 teams of 2 videographers and an organizer person), and it was great. Finding people we needed to shoot, making sure we had everything we needed, keeping an eye on the schedule (and rejigging frequently, oy!), telling execs that they had to use the bathroom at the other end of the hall coz we were filming... aaaah. Good times. And the people I was working with are awesome, which always helps. Next up: editing! Others have the lead on it, but I'm planning on lending a hand - need to practice, or I'll forget how to use Premiere!

We're going camping & whitewater rafting this weekend. I can't wait. So excited. And here's some excitement for you (library types, anyways)!

15 Incredible Libraries Around the World (saw this on Twitter, and Facebook - thanks, K!)

Soooo pretty.
Meet The Guy Spending 10 Days in Jail for Overdue Library Books

Poor Guy.

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