Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just Finished Reading - Freedom, The Gargoyle, Rex Libris

It was a busy reading weekend for me! Helps that I was off on Monday. Now I have some reviews for you!

Freedom, Jonathan Franzen

This book was definitely "meh" to me. For some reason, it was a very slow read (maybe because I didn't love it, or something about the language? I dunno). It gradually got better, but I could easily have walked away from it at pretty much any point. I kept reading it because Kat Rosenfeld said I should, but it turns out that not everything that comes out of her mouth (blog) is Gospel. Only most of it.

The Gargoyle, Andrew Davidson

Another Rosenfeld recommendation, and this time I agreed. I read this one in two days. I don't think it compares with Life of Pi as someone claims on the dust jacket, but it's definitely a good read - a love story of the definitely-not-Nicholas-Sparks genre (I'm guessing here, because I've never actually read a Sparks book or seen a Sparks movie). Plus, Davidson is Canadian, which is always exciting.

 Rex Libris: Book of Monsters, James Turner

Um, who doesn't love a graphic novel about an ass-kicking librarian who is always setting about saving the world? I love the literary references in this series. So fun!

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