Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fun With Eggplants

So, Sofya has done it again (again because I use her yogurt recipe) with her Easy End-of-Summer Moussaka recipe. We had an eggplant that we needed to use, so I picked up the other stuff we needed, and gave this a shot this past weekend. It actually was really easy, and super yummy. I actually had 2 eggplants, so I think I ended up with an unfavourable meat : everything else ratio, but I wouldn't change anything other than making sure to use enough meat next time!
Eggplants are so pretty! I love their purpley goodness.
 Of note, I did soak the eggplant to get rid of the bitterness, which I think was a good call. I've always been intimidated by cooking with eggplants, and I've been slowly making my way towards cooking them more (putting them in with other roasted veg; hubbub makes baba ghanoush), and this recipe is an awesome one for a beginner eggplant-cooker. The eggplant was easily my fave part of this dish!

Also, it makes great leftovers. Yum! I think next up I'll try my hand at ratatouille.

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