Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Whitewater Redux

So, this past weekend was awesome - dinner at the Fraser Cafe with the hubbub (deeelicious - we both had the Chef's Choice. Hurray for surprise meals!) and a lovely classical music concert (the violinist played a violin from 1715 lent to him exclusively by the Austrian National Bank!).

Saturday was a BBQ for the Board of a professional association I'm involved with. It was awesome to get together to hang out without talking about "work"... and I had a very good time. (Also, had tequila shots for the first time in a loooong time.)

I do, however, need to remember not to have such a good time on nights before early morning departures for whitewater rafting! Luckily the hangover dissipated pretty quickly... it was a good trip! Hubub and I brought my sister along too. The water level has dropped since we rafted a couple of weeks ago, so the water was tamer, but it was still a good time. And it didn't stop us from flipping our boat during a boat surf.
We went over sideways, like this.
We also did cliff jumping off of a higher cliff this time - 6m. In case you were wondering, that is more than enough time to really think about the fact that you're falling, and to shriek - twice. What can I say?

Not much to report on the injury front: a pretty contusion on my left forearm (banged it on the first aid kit while getting down for a rough spot; nice bruise & swelling), bumped my chin when we flipped but have nothing to show for it, and some bruises on my right shin which I suspect are rafting-related, but I can't prove anything.

So that was our last rafting trip for the summer, but what's next? I really want to raft the Ottawa next spring/early summer during high water, I'd like to catch the runs on the Magnetawan up in Georgian Bay, and the Petawawa sounds great... I think it's going to be a busy spring!

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