Monday, October 3, 2011


So. Grey, cloudy day here, chilly day in the office (I have a space heater on!), and it took a while to wake up, but my Monday is looking good, and I've got high hopes for the week! Hope you do too!

  1. Unclutterer has a post about mise en place while cooking. I'm a big fan, especially for new recipes. It helps avoid doing the "oh crap, I don't have that essential ingredient" in the middle of delicate recipes, and makes the whole thing more enjoyable.
  2. Speaking of cooking, we had excellent culinary adventures last week. I made a whole roasted chicken, and then we made meatballs, and then we made broth from the chicken carcass. Tonight, it'll be home made chicken soup... and it's perfect weather for it, too!
  3. Our first pre-AGM Think Tank is this afternoon! In 45 minutes! Going to finish some stuff, grab a coffee, and head to another one of our libraries to help facilitate it. So excited!
  4. Last week was the Week of Contracts. This week will also be the Week of Contracts, only it is shaping up to also be the Week of Excellent Negotiation Results, which I am eminently pleased about.
  5. This week is also a Short Week, followed by a looooong, family and cottage a turkey-filled weekend, which I am looking forward to.
Ready, set, cook!

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