Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Running Wishlist

So, you probably didn't know this, but when I said I wanted to get back into some habits, that included working out regularly. Specifically, I wanted to get back into running (took a hiatus after a half marathon followed by a 10k last fall) and resistance training. The good news? I have, and I feel fantastic (sometimes tired. But mostly fantastic). I'm training for a 10k Resolution Run (yes, on the evening of Dec 31st) with a friend, and it feels great to be training for an event again. Yay! I learned last fall that I really like 10k-ish runs, so I'm really looking forward to this, and the training. Can't wait to get back to over-5k runs!

The bad news? I have managed to come up with a wish list of new running gear that I waaaaaant. Some of it I need (I usually knock off running outside when it gets chilly), but some of it is definitely on the "want" side of things. For example:

Running Sleeves: I've got friends who swear by them, and I see the appeal. Starting off in a long-sleeved shirt and pulling up the sleeves isn't the same! Downside: I think the season for wearing them will be rather short; I'm probably going to have to be in a long sleeved shirt/jacket fairly soon, so I'm not sure it would be worth buying a pair. Maybe if I could find a pair with built-in mittens...

I think I'd avoid white, though.

A foam roller: For sore muscles. This is something I've heard a lot about - some people LOVE them, some don't see the benefit. I think it could be good? I don't currently have access to one to be able to try it out. I wonder if you can return them if you don't like it.

I'd be able to practice my serious face!

Headband: Lately I've been getting ear aches when running coz my ears get cold, but I get hot when I run, so a tuque is out of the question. I think a wicking headband is in order!

That would work... sans snowflakes though.

Lululemon everything: Yes, Lulu is pricey. But the Lulu gear I have is so great. The quality is fantastic, and it's super comfy. I've got Lulu pants, tanks, and a hoodie, and get a LOT of use out of them. The gear is just a step up from other items... but the price, oh, the price... Well, a girl can dream, right?
Yes, please!

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