Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Excitement All Over The Place

So! There's lots going on in the upcoming week, and it's all exciting. Like...

Our AGM/All Staff Meeting are today and tomorrow!  Today should be interesting, but it is tomorrow I'm excited about - we're presenting our Think Tank results! I'll write up a whole thing about them, but basically: they were a great idea, and we learned a lot. Hurray!
Think Tank: Mission Accomplished
Still no news on the nearly-nephew front. Can't wait to meet him!!!

We don't usually do anything fancy, but kinda on the spur of the moment, we decided to go to the Great Pumpkin Charity Ball. Hubbub has a costume, and so do I (but it's a secret), and I'm pretty excited.
My first fancy Hallowe'en party!

So, I'm training for the Resolution Run 10k, and it's going really well. I had an awesome solo run yesterday, and am running with a friend tomorrow and Saturday. Saturday we're going 4 miles - which is farther than I've run since last year. I'm looking forward to it (although boy howdy has it gotten cold out lately! I really need to get some mitts).
Not quite THIS cold though, thank goodness

We're going paintballing on Sunday!!! It will be my first time. I'm stoked.

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