Thursday, October 13, 2011

Manland of Discontent

So, you may have heard about Ikea's Manland, a corral for bored manpanions who can't be trusted to tour through Ikea with their lady of preference. When I saw the video about it (see link above), I thought "huh. I guess that's interesting? I'm pretty sure that the hubbub would rather stay with me than play awkwardly with the other guys, though..." Also, the 30 minute time limit seems a bit ridic. Who can get through Ikea in 30 minutes? And why in the world would you want to get halfway through Ikea and then turn around to fetch your man from daycare, and subsequently drag him through the remainder of the store? Remember, this is a guy who can't possibly be expected to survive an Ikea trip sans tantrum, as established by the fact that you deposited him at Manland in the first place. Point: If your manpanion reacts to a shopping trip the way a 5 year old does, leave him at home. And then maybe get a new one?

When I showed the hubbub the video, he was pretty offended. He thought it was demeaning to men. Yesterday, the Globe and Mail agreed with him.

Honestly, going to Ikea is halfway to hanging out in a stranger's house to begin with (that being said, I do love the show rooms). You seriously need to leave your man in some creepy not-quite-living-room with strangers, because he can't manage to muster up an opinion on coffee tables and/or book cases? Yikes. (NB: in this case, yes, "whatever you like honey" is an opinion. I just think he at least deserves a preview of what he'll be asked to help put together, ya know?)

Now, if there were a ball pit, it might be a different story. Like, one where we play rock paper scissors to see who has to go shopping, and who gets to stay and play. (Except not actually rock paper scissors, coz I always lose to the hubbub. I swear he can read my mind!)

So jealous.

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