Monday, November 28, 2011

Checking in early!

Coz today I got a fantastic email from my sister, who asked how I would feel about us siblings not exchanging gifts this year.

Let me recap for you: Hubbub's family doesn't exchange presents. My extended family usually draws names for a Kris Kringle (so everyone buys ONE present - we've got a big family), but we're all travelling to Minnesota this year for Christmas, so we decided not to exchange gifts. Hubbub and I decided not to get each other presents - those plane tickets were expensive! My friends and I agreed years ago not to exchange gifts.

Which means I need to buy for two people: My mother, and my Redditgifts Secret Santa person.

And while I like giving gifts, I am sooooo glad that I have zero holiday shopping stress, expenses, etc. Whee!

This is me! And I'm loving it.


  1. What about Ross? He demands an expensive gift. Like an endangered animal.

  2. Sorry, I only give endangered animals to people I've met. Although he's still got time before Christmas, he may need to wait until next year for his slow loris.