Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful November

So, I'm a few days late jumping on this bandwagon, but a whole bunch of bloggers around the Internet have started  a thing where they post something they're thankful for each day in November. I thought about it, then forgot about it, but now I'm going to sprint, catch up to the bandwagon, and leap on. Here we go!

Oct 31 - Nov 2: I was thankful for a) my comfy bed b) my supportive hubbub and c) TV shows on DVD. Underlying all of this was a thankfulness for sick days at work, that I can take without fear of reprisal.

Like this. But less cute.
Nov 3: I'm really thankful to be married. I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm soooo glad to be done with being engaged. When I was little, I fantasized about being engaged (not the dress, the party, the ring... being a fiancée), and wanted a long engagement. I thought it was going to be this amazing time where everything was sweetness and light. Well, we had a long (14 months) engagement, but it was suckage and lameness. I mean, not all of it - but holy hell was I stressed. Now we're back to just being happy and relaxed with each other, and it is awesome. Love you, hubbub!

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