Wednesday, November 2, 2011

(It Was A) Happy Hallowe'en!

So, I didn't go to work today (this is day 3), but I did shower and put on pants. So I definitely think I'm a shoe-in for going to work tomorrow.

Anyways, Hallowe'en. It was fun! I borrowed an awesome Original Series Star Trek costume from my friend and coworker Meghan - she makes awesome costumes for conventions. (I'm taller than she is, so many jokes were made about skirt length being true to the show when I asked to borrow the costume. Oh, the 60s...) I tricked the hubbub into wearing his redshirt costume from his bachelor party... muahahaha.
I shellacked my hair into place...
And slapped on some green eyeshadow up to my eyebrows.
 He was an ensign, I was a lieutenant.

Woohoo! I think we make a good team.
We went to dinner before we headed to Great Pumpkin Charity Ball on Friday night, and it was lots of fun. The waiter got a real kick out of our costumes, and the party was a blast. It was the first Big Hallowe'en Party that either one of us had attended, and the costumes were awesome. It makes sense - we were all grownups who had paid admission to be there. People really liked our costumes - and we found another ST:OS away team member - sorry, hubbub...

Also, my friend C sent me an awesome pic of my itty-bitty nearly nephew in the Hallowe'en costume I knitted for him (green baby hat, orange baby cocoon... meant to be a pumpkin, Tim said he looks more like a chili pepper. Either way, he was WAY TOO CUTE for anyone's good).

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