Monday, August 29, 2011

Post-Cottage Monday

So, we were lucky enough to spend last weekend at the cottage with my in-laws. Seriously, it is tough to be back at work after a long weekend of this:

Gorgeous lake

with this guy:
Gorgeous husband.

But back at work I am! And it is going to be a busy week; the summer lull is officially over. For those of you interested in what a week in the life of an acting Manager, Licensing and Access Services librarian type is like, here's what I've got on my plate:
  • Complete drafting an outline for updates to our Collection Development policy (which was mostly written but never officially deployed), including suggestions for appendices/supporting documents. Meet about it on Tuesday to discuss with colleagues. Keep working on it. Woohoo, policy suite development.
  • Review contract with publisher to see how much wiggle room we have in dropping/changing subscriptions for this year's renewals; if necessary, convene team of subject specialists to review subscriptions and make renewal recommendations.
  • Touch base with team members on renewals for a different contract.
  • Meet with video production team (meeting not yet scheduled) for the video capture of the Deputy Minister's Leadership Forum, which I've been asked to participate in.
    • Move meeting scheduled on the day of the DM's Leadership Forum, as I'm going to be out of the office that day. Sorry folks, paper beats rock, and DM beats all.
  •  AGM Planning team teleconference Tuesday, and follow up (including, something tells me, drafting communications materials) throughout the week.
  • Populate the new contract management spreadsheet. This is overdue, and it's going to require lots of attention to detail and combing over contracts. This may be my toughest task this week, no joke. Tasks that require a significant amount of attention to detail are tough for me; I'm definitely more of a big-picture thinker.
  • Try to schedule a meeting to review a Drupal module that we may be able to implement which would take the place of the contract management spreadsheet that I'm going to spend many painful hours working on, because we do need an updated tool NOW, and can't really wait for the Drupal module to be implemented. 
    • But we definitely need something better than a spreadsheet, so if the Drupal module looks like it won't work, I'm going to be outlining requirements for a database. Which I then will probably have to contruct. But next week. 
    • And if the Drupal module looks like it will work, I'm sure I'll have a hand in that, too. Again, hopefully next week.
  • And of course, putting out fires and responding to client requests as things come up.

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