Monday, May 7, 2012

New House = Super Busy

So, we got the keys to our new house on Tuesday. Hurray, right? Well, yes, but also a whole lot of this:
That's the hubbub, doing a great job taking down wallpaper
The good news is that all of the wallpaper has been removed, and the walls are washed - just a few spots need a second scrubbing. And, as far as wallpaper removal goes, it was probably actually a good experience (the paper came down easily enough - as easy as taking down wallpaper ever is...). I still agree with the hubbub's statement that "The guy who invented wallpaper needs to be punched in the balls" though.

Movers on Thursday. Which is awesome, but also scary, coz there's still lots of packing to do.

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  1. Of all the clever, endearing, and profound things I said this weekend, this is what you post? I've got to be more careful about watching for you taking pictures.