Friday, February 17, 2012

Your Sales Tactics: I See Right Through Them

Recently, I entered a draw for a trip. It seemed fiarly-legit-if-not-totally-so, but I wasn't giving any info I was uncomfortable divulging on the entry slip, so I figured that not much bad could come of it.

WELL. Today I received a phone call - I won the trip! The 3000$ trip for two to Florida and the Bahamas! Hurray! All I have to do is pay for our travel to Florida - yeah, we can handle that, right? And they're U.S. based, so to avoid taxes, we just have to pay a small processing fee - way less than the taxes would be. Only 199$ each! And at each location we go to, they'll give us a comprehensive tour of the place (this is the timeshare sales talk!). And they're sending me the travel documents right now! All I have to do is give them my credit card info for half of the fees, to secure our spot!

I think I'll pass, thanks. Especially since I'm sitting in front of a computer while on the phone with you, and can read all kinds of negative reviews (Oasis Travel Services in Daytona, Florida, if you're curious) online. I got off the phone, but the woman was like the call centre equivalent of an octopus - for every reason I had to decline her offer, she had another reason that I should go for it. Clearly she's done this before. My ability and willingness to say "No," and to repeat myself, certainly came in handy this afternoon.

What was really interesting was that I could spot the various persuasion tactics as she used them.
  • She started by getting me all excited about it. 
  • It was a limited time offer. 
  • It was worth up to 3000$, but would only coz me 400$. 
  • I was the one whose name was picked. This offer isn't open to the public. 
  • I'd never get another chance like this. 
  • It "kept getting better." Plus, we'll throw in two tickets to the Arabian Nights Show! PLUS we'll give you blah blah blah.
  • She gave me names and addresses, to assure me that the business is legit. 
  • She explained why the company "gives away" trips. 
  • She asked if we could be relied upon to talk up our amazing trip to friends and family - getting me involved, making me feel invested. 
Being able to spot these sales tactics makes me feel good - makes me feel like I'm less likely to fall for a trick. If I get involved with something, I don't want it to be because some lady with a fake call centre name fooled me into it.

Honestly, if I had to A) pay a processing fee or B) pay to travel to Florida to start the trip or C) sit through a timeshare sales talk, I'd do it. But A+B+C? No dice, friend. If I want to go to Florida that badly, I'll just pay for it.

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